The following is the Mortis Constitution

1. Purpose

2. Rankings/Powers *Generals *Promotion/Demotion *Responsibilities

2b. General Alt

2c. Officer

2d. Officer Alts

2e. Agent

2f. Specialist

2g. Members

2h. Recruits

2i. Time Out

3. Recruitment

4. Raiding/Looting

5. Guild Rules/Policies

1. Purpose: To create a Guild which allows for end-game progression while providing a friendly/casual component to its member base.

2. Rankings/Powers

2a. General

*Guildmaster/Generals defined:

Mortis was founded on the belief that 2 heads are better than one, and 5 are better than 2. The guild senior leadership consists of 5 Generals, one of which is the Guildmaster. The Generals are dedicated to the betterment of Mortis.

*Promotion/Demotion: Generals are only promoted when there are less than 5 Generals. Promoting a General requires an unanimous vote from the remaining Generals. Discussion/Debate on Promoting a General will be done in a closed-door session. General is a lifetime appointment, and once a person has obtained the rank of general it is assumed that they will remain a General indefinitely. Demoting a current General requires an unanimous consent on the part of the remaining four generals. Generals will only be demoted for cause. A General should only be demoted when remaining a General will be to the detriment to Mortis. It is preferable that a General who can no longer perform his or her duties, would choose to step down rather than be removed.

* General Responsibilities:

A General’s first and foremost responsibility is to always put Mortis in front of their own personal wants and needs. Generals are responsible for developing guild laws and policies to guide Mortis to greatness. Generals are required to attend weekly Generals meetings. Generals are the final arbitrators of issues arising between guild members or between guild members and individuals outside of Mortis. Generals are responsible for delegating all responsibilities which are required to maintain and advance Mortis.

*General Powers

1: A General may, without notice, remove a person from the guild. Once a person has been removed from Mortis, the General must hold a meeting at the earliest opportunity to explain his/her action to the remaining Generals. A majority vote from the Generals must be held to overturn the removal.

2: A General may, without notice access any item in the guild bank, provided the item is used for the betterment of Mortis.

3: A General may, without notice demote any member of any rank other than General. In the case of an Officer demotion the General must hold an emergency meeting with the remaining Generals to explain his or her actions. A majority vote is required to ratify or overturn the demotion. A note will then be placed in the “Character Notes” section of the guild forums, explaining the reason for the demotion. The only exception to this rule is the Stone Holder may demote a General if he believes their account has become compromised or allowing the General to hold his or her rank would result in the immediate detriment of Mortis. In this event the Stone Holder must immediately contact the remaining Generals and hold an emergency meeting.

4: A General may, without notice alter a raid sign-up roster for any reason.

5: A Vote from the Generals will determine what access the Generals have to the guild bank on their accounts, however it shall be assumed that all guild funds and property are at any time accessible to any General at any time.

6: Generals may amend the guild constitution with an unanimous decision from the available Generals. Unavailable defined: The General is completely out of contact and there is no hope of contacting the General within a week’s time by any means possible (Phone, Email, in person, Vai Snail Mail, Etc).

7: In the event it is absolutely impossible to contact a General and the remaining 4 Generals are deadlocked in a decision the “Officers” will be asked to vote on the issue at hand. The Officers majority vote will constitute 1 General’s Vote in this circumstance only. This method should be employed only when coming to a consensus immediately is priority.

2b: General Alt

General’s Alts possess all of the powers of their General Mains.

2c. Officer

*Officer defined:

An Officer is an executive of Mortis. The duty of an Officer is to carry out, enforce and promote the rules of the guild and policies laid out by the Generals. Officers are also charged with serving as advisors to the Generals. The Officer Council shall consist of 13 Members.


The promotion to Officer requires a 4/5 vote from the Generals. The Generals should poll the current Officer Committee for a short list of possible candidates. The Generals are not limited to the names provided by the Officers. Demotion of an Officer requires a majority vote from the Generals. An “Leadership Application” section is provided in the guild forums where individuals may make their desire to become an Officer known. Once promoted to Officer there is a 30 day probationary period, at the end of which the Generals will hold another vote to make the promotion to Officer permanent.

*Officer Responsibilities:

1: The duty of an Officer is to carry out, enforce and promote the rules of the guild and the policies laid out by the Generals.

2: Officers shall meet on a weekly basis to discuss issues which may have arisen during the week and to advise the Generals with appropriate courses of action with one voice.

3: Officers are charged with overseeing the Agents and ensuring that they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

4: Officers are expected to be constantly working to better Mortis through moderating forums, leading raids and battlegrounds, organizing events, mediating disputes, researching encounters and stragities, and finding innovative ways of making Mortis a better guild.

5: In the event the Generals are deadlocked on a vote, the officer core will cast one vote to break the tie.

*Officer Powers:

Officers are executives of Mortis and should be treated as such. In the absence of a General, Officers assume all powers previously listed in the Generals powers section. The Officer committee may with a majority vote, require a vote from the Generals on any issue.

2d. Officer Alts

Officer Alts are the alts of any Officer or General. The Alt character maintains all the authority that that person would have on his/her main.

2e. Agent

The Agent rank is reserved to those individuals who, while not an officer or general, are constantly working to better Mortis. These individuals serve Mortis in a variety of ways such as leading raid groups, organizing events, moderating guild forums, regularly assisting members. ect. This rank is an opportunity for members to showcase their abilities and demonstrate their desire to be more involved in Mortis. Each agent will be assigned to an officer or general and will answer to that General/Officer. Officers may assign 1 person each to the rank of Agent. The Battle Commander may promote 2 people to the rank of Agent. Generals are not limited to the number of Agents they may have. The Agent rank is not an honorary title, Any person holding the rank of agent should have an assigned task which they are expected to complete. The Agents guild note should contain the name of the Officer or General who assigned them as their agent.

2f. Specialist

Specialists are individuals who have the gear, availability, and ability to take part in Mortis progression raiding and/or PVP Groups. Discretion to promote or demote a raider lies with the Officers, Battle Commander and Generals. No vote is required to promote or demote a raider.

2g. Members

A Member is a casual player in Mortis. Promotion to Member should take place after the 30 day probationary recruitment period has taken place. Promotions should take place during the weekly “Generals and Officers” meeting to allow any General or Officer to support or oppose the promotion to Member. Prior to being promoted to the rank of member, the recruit must register on the guild forums and post an introduction in the appropriate forum.

2h. Recruits

Recruits are individual who have passed the application process into Mortis and is in the evaluation process to become a Member. An individual should remain a recruit for 30 days from the date that they were invited into the guild.

2i. Time Out

The time out rank is a tool officers and generals have at their disposal to limit a guildmember’s access to the guild body. Individuals in time out have no access to the guild bank and can not utilise guild chat. This rank should always be temporary.

3. Recruitment

The ability to recruit is restricted to individuals holding the rank of Agent and above. It is expected that prior to recruitment the recruiting party will have spoken to the candidate and determined if the individual is “Mortis Material”. It should also be determined that Mortis is able to meet the candidates needs. The recruiting individual is responsible for “Tagging” the candidate with “Main” or “Alt of” in the in-game player Note. If the candidate does not have another character in the guild the date of recruitment should be included in the tag.

4. Raiding/Looting

All aspects of raiding and looting are at the discretion of the Raid Leader. Currently Mortis is using a Loot Council system to allow for fair and beneficial distribution of loot. Raid rosters are also at the discretion of the Raid Leader. Currently Mortis is using the Mortis Web Site for raid signups. The Raids are also being placed on the in-game calendar to notify guild members of upcoming raids.

5. Guild Rules/Policies

1: Be respectful of others: This includes members and non-members of Mortis. We expect all of our members to carry themselves in a manner that reflects positively on our guild. This includes behavior in Trade, Guild, Party, Raid and General Chat.

2: PUG behavior: Treat every Pug as if it were completely populated with your guild members. This means know the loot rules going in, abide by the raid/group leaders instructions and absolutely no Ninja-Looting. (Keep in mind that you always have the option to politely leave the group).

3: Language: Guild Chat is to be kept free of excessive vulgarity, sexist or racist comments.

4: Guild Bank: Items in the Guild Bank are intended for use by our members. If you have access to the item we have already approved its use by you. Items in the Guild Bank are not intended for leveling professions or for selling on the AH or to other players. To obtain an exception to this rule contact an Officer or General.

5: Guild Bank Epics: Epic items in our guild bank can be requested by posting on our forums under “Guild Bank Requests”.

6: Guild Hierarchy: The guild ranking system is put in place for a reason. Guild members are required to follow the instructions of those Officers and Generals above them. If you feel that an Officers or Generals instructions are inappropriate, contact another Officer or General of equal or higher rank and make your appeal to them. Keep in mind you have the option to /gquit if you do not choose to follow this policy. It is /gkickable offense to place any Officer or General on /ignore.

7: As Mortis is geared to mature dedicated players we have a age requirement of 18 or older for membership. This requirement may be waived by any general or by a consensus from the Officers.

8: Guild Ventrillo server: It is expected that individuals using our ventrillo server will treat each other with respect, however language and content are not restricted provided the respect rule is followed.

9: Acknowledging that this is a PVP Server, if the game mechanics allow for one guild member to kill another, if the guild member being attacked asks the attacker to stop, said attacker is required to stop. (Arenas and battlegrounds are exempt).