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Heal 1 – Matchstik

Heal 2 – StankinFrank

Heal 3 – Greyadin

Heal 4 – Twidelia

Heal 5 – Razzack


MT – Dehoofed

OT – Lhikan


Melee – Armsageddon

Melee – Jilaw

Melee – Chaindog

Ranged – Psychosis

Ranged DPS:

RDPS 2 – Hemme

RDPS 3 – Brosiah

RDPS 4 – Healjits

RDPS 5 – Warquin

RDPS 6 – Tianeron

RDPS 7 – Deadtool

RDPS 8 – Artemis


Melee 1 – Duggles

Melee 2 – LazyEggs

Melee 3 – Arkamiz

Melee 4 – Derov

Melee 5 – Boosted

Melee 6 – Scar

Melee 7 – Raejer

Raid Rules:

All group members are to be on time for raid, this includes being in voice chat, & the ready to enter the raid zone.

Required preparation includes; potions, flasks, appropriate buff food, any augment such as runes or the like, enchantment mats, etc….


You must follow the instruction of the raid leader.

You must not talk over leadership during raid pull unless bosses are on farm.

You are expected to have done boss research prior to raid night.

Do Not Declare Best In Slot, unless it is for certain the best in slot item for this raid tier for that class/spec. YOU WILL BE QUESTIONED about why, and you should do your research PRE RAID-TIER, on Best In Slot Items.

Loot Rules:

Loot is by council decision the criteria is as follows; Attendance, Raid Performance, Frequency of Upgrades, Size of Upgrade, Raid Role. In That Order, Description of Each Point Below. Decisions Made By Majority Council Decision. Council Appointments Made by Matchstik. All records will be kept on an ongoing basis.


1. Attendance: On Time, Prepared, Ready to Raid.

2. Raid Performance: Attitude Towards the Groups Progression, Other Raiders, and Leadership, Following the Rules to the Left. (This is not how well you PLAY, but rather you’re doing what is expected of you)

3. Frequency of Upgrades: When Your Last Upgrade Was, How Frequently You Have Received Upgrades Lately.

4. Size of Upgrade: Difference in Upgrade Between Players in Consideration.

5. Raid Role: How Much Giving This Item to Players In Consideration Will Affect The Raid From a Gear Check Standpoint.

Application Requirements:

Deadly Boss Mods

RC Loot Council


Raid Council:

Records Keeping – Psychosis

Log’s and Performance Tracking – Warquin

Raid Lead & Boss Strategy – Matchstik

Boss Strategy Assist – Razzack

Performance Tracking Assist – Healjits

Raid Times:

Tuesday 8-12PM CST

Wednesday 7-11PM CST

Monday  @ RL’s Option 7-11PM CST